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The most-engaged social media content last week related to the Democratic National Convention didn’t have anything to do with Hillary Clinton’s historic nomination as the first woman to be chosen by a major party for...

\It’s no surprise that GOP presidential hopeful Donald Trump experienced a social engagement boost from the Republican National Convention last week in Cleveland. But how he got there is a bit uncharacteristic.

Delete your account. Hillary Clinton’s response to a Donald Trump’s latest insult wasn’t the first time those three words had been tweeted, but it might be the most significant.

Fox News again took the top spot among media during a Republican presidential debate.

Bernie Sanders took a commanding share of voice lead into Super Tuesday. The Democratic presidential candidate owned a 63% to 37% engagement advantage Monday over challenger Hillary Clinton.

Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio made the most significant gains during the Republican Iowa Caucus, winning and finishing third, respectively. And each candidate saw their audiences engage more frequently than their GOP...

In the last GOP debate before the Iowa Caucuses, social engagement declined for the party's front-runners. 

With the Iowa Caucuses less than two weeks away, we evaluated the candidates to see who was leading their respective races on social media as the presidential primary season approaches.

If Donald Trump were to describe his social media victory in the aftermath of the sixth Republican Presidential Debate on Thursday, he’d probably say something like: “It wasn’t even close.”

Check out President Barack Barack Obama’s most-engaged Instagram post in the days leading up to Tuesday’s State of the Union address. Look familiar?