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Data-Driven Insights for Better Social Media

With 2015 coming to a close, we wanted to share this year’s top social posts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

We presented the State of Social: TV 2015 webinar on Dec. 15. If you missed it, we’ve highlighted some of our favorite insights and the social best practices from the presentation.

Sephora is the new holiday leader among big box retailers and department stores. The cosmetics retailer overtook Nordstrom, which captured the most engagement before Black Friday.

Puppyhood is the story of a man and his new Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppy.

Facebook posts are getting more useful. And audiences are responding.

When KFC reintroduced its iconic brand ambassador Colonel Sanders earlier this year, it was more than just the beginning of a new ad campaign.

Ever think about why you click “share” on Facebook? We wondered, too. In an effort to better understand what makes content shareable, we conducted a study to find out.

Ten weeks into the current TV season (through Nov. 30), Fox’s Scream Queens demonstrates the growing importance of social media. The Ryan Murphy dramedy tops the broadcast network newbies with more than 12.8 million total...

Oreo unlocked the secret to Instagram engagement in November with the top 11 consumer food and grocery posts by highlighting the holiday season.

Move over, Julia. There’s a new chef in town. Chefs, actually. But calling them chefs isn’t exactly accurate, either. Social media recipe producers? That doesn’t have the right ring. Whatever you call them, there’s a new...