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2013's Top 10 Musicians and Artists on Facebook

Posted by Shareablee on Jan 31, 2014 6:33:00 AM
In 2013, One Direction topped the Annual Social Media Ranking on Facebook for Musicians and Artists in overall engagement, and also took the top position for % Active Fans, keeping a quarter of their fan base engaged each month, on average. 

After One Direction (who averaged just over 3 posts/day all year) Wiz Khalifa and Pitbull posted the most enthusiastically, being 175% and 51% more likely to post than the other chart toppers, respectively.  

 When it came to comments, Shakira's audience was the most likely to engage, followed closely by Demi Lovato and One Direction. Shakira's audience was also much more active in passing along her messages to their social networks, being 40% more likely to share than the other Top Ten Artists. 

For sharing overall, however, only two of the Top Ten Artists overall made it into the Most Shared List. Many of the most engaging Artists didn't even make the top 20 or even the top 50 (Miley Cyrus came in at #29), revealing a huge gap between newer artists, who were more engaging overall, but who struggled to mobilize sharing compared with artists such as Tupac, Bob Marley and even The Doors. 




Other notable findings:

 - Music fans shared over 2 Billion social moments on Facebook with their favorite artists in 2013 in the US alone
 - The Top Ten Artists accounted for more than one quarter of all engagement in the category for the entire year


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