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How Are the 2016 Presidential Candidates Faring on Social?

Posted by Kara Lawson on Apr 21, 2015 6:35:25 AM
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Since March 23, four presidential hopefuls have announced their candidacy: Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Hillary Clinton and Marco Rubio. Shareablee has conducted an analysis of each candidate’s social performance the day they launched their bid for the presidency, as well as the days following. Below is a ranking of the top performing presidential candidates based on total actions captured across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram on the day of each candidate’s announcement. This includes all likes, comments, shares, retweets and favorites received on content posted by each candidate on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


The chart below shows the candidate’s social trends each week since March 22nd to see if the social hype following their announcement has kept up. Ted Cruz has stayed relatively stable, only dropping 6% in social engagement since the week he launched his campaign. On the other hand, Rand Paul has seen a drastic drop in engagement, capturing 45% less social actions the week following his campaign launch.

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Overall, Hillary Clinton’s announcement topped the chart with over 415K social actions, capturing 73% more social engagement than Ted Cruz, the runner-up with nearly 240K social actions. This doesn’t even touch on Clinton’s YouTube performance. On April 12, the day she announced her presidential bid, Hillary Clinton posted an announcement video on her YouTube channel, which has since received over 4.3 million actions. To put this in perspective, the three other candidates have received a combined 910K actions on their YouTube posts since March 23. The video has also received over 2.8 million views on Facebook.

Twitter has emerged as the ideal social platform for candidates, capturing 65% of Hillary Clinton’s social engagement on the day of her announcement. Cruz, Paul and Rubio also received considerable social traction from Twitter, receiving a respective 28%, 30% and 35% of their overall social engagement from the platform. This reflects the importance of real-time social conversations and Twitter’s power to corral audiences around moments that matter.

Though candidates have much more of a social presence now than during any other presidential campaign in history, they won’t truly reach and build a social audience unless they provide the content their voter base can connect with. Hillary Clinton’s video conveys community and applies to every walk of life. We are excited to see the other candidates step up their social and video campaigns, and to see what other yet-to-be-announced candidates will bring to the table. Social video has seen an incredible 147% growth of actions on video content across all industries, and politics is no exception.


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